The Indian Edge : Call Centre Services for the 35th Indian National Games

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A Case Study on the Call Center Services offered for the 35th National Games India

About National Games
The history of national games dates back to early 1920 when it envisaged as the Indian version of the great Olympics in its initial times. Later in 1924, at Lahore,then in unbifurcated Punjab, the Indian Olympic games had successfully conducted and is considered as the nascence of the prestigious National Games. Ever since collective sports events were held in every two years, in a major city of India. In 1940 the name of the event had changed to National games. Lucknow was the host of first post independence National Games. The major decisions, duration and regulations are the sole right of Indian Olympic Association the endorsed central government body which is entitled to control the entire event. The National games are scheduled in such a way that will not collide with the year scheduled for Asian Games and Olympics.
Kerala hosted the National Games for the second time, first was in 1987 the 27th edition of the games, this time it was the 35th edition of the National games. It has been prestigious event for every state when it comes to National Games. Kerala also wanted to leave its mark as a successful host of the big event. OrisysIndia has played a pivotal role in organizing the event.

Objective of the project

National games comprises various disciplines in which sportsmen from the different states of India participate against each other. The objective of the project was to provide the games with state of the art call center solution which can provide most of the hand full information relating to games like venue, time of events, handling media briefing and press releases, schedule changes and venue changes, games promotion, providing information about tourist places near games venue, facilitation of games, arranging facilities to participating athletes like accommodation, transportation, registering complaints,arranging volunteers for each venue as per request, arranging emergency helps like ambulances and fire services, making daily work reports and reporting to higher officials, providing information on routes and transport facilities to games villages etc. Acted as the official national games communication channel by providing one stop solution for all kinds of information.

About Client
The whole event is managed by the Olympic association of India under the direct control of Union Ministry. The authority of allotment of the state is the sole right of Central Government, after the selection of the venue the government will disburse the fund to the selected State Government. The State Government will utilize these fund and works as an organizing body for the smoother conduction of the event. The 35th National Games had conducted from January 31st 2015 to February 14 2015 , across 6 districts in Kerala. As per the games requirement a single window counter for information related enquiries and coordination was required, therefore the state government officials proposed a centralized call center facility exclusively for the smooth conduction of national games. A nation wide open bid process was laid out from service providers pioneered in the field of CRM solutions and OrisysIndia became the ultimate winner by gaining the bid.

The Challenges
National Games is a big event in India, so are the challenges. The company have had sound expertise in developing and implementing CRM solutions so it helped a lot to tackle the hurdles on the way through the event. The games had officials, coaches, sports personalities, sportsmen and others from almost every part of the country, it was a congregation of sports aficionados from all parts of India, with ethnic and regional diversity. The duty vested in us has to be done flawlessly because we represented the face and word of the event. Despite the challenges we were happy to take the challenge with all its concomitant predicaments and problems. We were vested with the most critical job of upholding the traditional, cultural and institutional values of an entire state which was hosting the event., so any fault from our side will be a tantamount to the government’s fault. Apart from that, we had acquired the bid from national level competition our competitors as well as future clients will be closely watching our every move. If we win the company will gain on its revenue upfront and if we lose the company will lose all its credibility till date, which we never wanted to occur. We worked hard and the efforts were fruitful as we completed our tasks successfully with heartwarming appreciations.

How we did it

We developed a facility center exclusively for the National Games and facilitated it with state of the art machineries and our own in house software solution. Our ground level technicians as well as engineers had been working round the clock in setting up this most vital tool for the smooth running of the national games. The facility center had 50 experienced executives for voice based calls and monitoring.The call center supported mainly 3 languages, viz, malayalam-the host’s regional and official language, hindi- the nation’s official language and the international language -english, other regional languages like tamil were also supported.
The call centre had been functioning 24×7 and an exclusive toll free number was established for the easy communication. This number was feeded with an interactive voice response system (IVR) offered in three languages and an automatic call distributor(ACD) facility with a dedicated 3line queue facility where 3 calls can be handled and forwarded at the same time.

Proper liasoning with the departments of the state government and other monitoring agencies of the central government along with interacting and daily news updation to the national and international media was a strenuous job. OrisysIndia completed this tough job with ease and utmost satisfaction to the client that they still vest us with jobs that needs precision and expertise.