Progressive CRM integrated E-learning solutions

OriIKnolS is an e-learning software from the stables of Orisys Consultancy Services. A path breaking revolutionary product its has many new features to its advantage. ORIKnolS very much dene an e-learning software solution. Deployable in multiple environments with the ability to scale up on a progressive basis ORIKnolS has all it takes to revolutionize e-learning and takes e-learning to a whole new level.

The OriKnolS Dynamics

The software is dynamically scalable across various verticals and can be deployed across various environments that means you can have ORIKnolS the way you want it. You existing infrastructure can be easily adapted to deploy OriKnolS .

OriKnolS and the power of cloud

The power of OriKnolS can be harnessed independent of space and time for its truly cloud compatible and the content easily disseminated via dedicated apps developed for various platforms.

The OriKnolS Advantage:

The Classroom Perspective

  • Virtual class room
  • Video / Audio conferencing
  • Interactive white board applications
  • News – bulletin board and discussion forums
  • Chat support
  • Interactive white board
  • White board with audio support

The institution perspective

  • Admin
  • Learner Statistics
  • Courses (Plan & Module)
  • Mock Tests
  • Popup Quiz
  • Self Assessment
  • Dictionary integration and Google Translation support

The Student Perspective

  • Alerts and reminders
  • Feed back
  • Moderator module
  • Detailed reports and certificate generation
  • Exam history and automated improvement suggestion
  • Multi lingual support on Demand
  • M-Learning Apps
  • Evaluation and score card system
  • Email / SMS integrations
  • Online Student Assessment
  • Online Certication

The institution perspective

  • Presentation, Video, Audio, PDF support – Conversion to ash
  • YouTube Integration
  • Slide share integration
  • Content based suggestions
  • Related links and downloads (PDF, Excel, Video, Audio)
  • Invite students Via Email & SMS
  • Webbing
  • Option to publish circulars
  • Integration with Wiki
  • Payment Gateway / PayPal Integration
  • iPad – Android OS
  • Search – Basic, Advanced