OriCoMS is a communication management software suitable for Customer care’s to manage their communication channels like Voice Calls, Emails, SMS, Fax and Voip Calls and a single window. OriCoMs is an integrated product which will work with cloud, internet, Intranet and local network.

OriComs greatest feature is it is scalable from 5-500 agents at a time. The basic product comes with the features like IVR, Call forwarding, Call conference, Call Transfer, Call queuing, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call monitoring, Fax, Email, Chat, SMS etc.

OriCoMS Manages your customer relationship throughout its entire lifecycle covering support, sales, marketing and asset management. We redene your process for you with re-engineering and industrial expertise so as to provide
you a single platform with technological and managerial advantages. With our software you will also be able to review all your process and productivity. Our software also assures you eective customer relationship management,
better utilization of customer care workforce, retention of customers and proper response to customer issues


  • Outbound calling
  • Preview, Progressive and Predictive calling
  • Inbound & Outbound CRM
  • IVRS and Advanced Queuing Mechanism
  • Voice Broadcasting

Primary Benefits

  • FCR – First Call Resolution.
  • Cut down on live call handling time, thus saving money and time.
  • Effective customer service enhancement.
  • Can make calls for taking surveys, Up-selling, cross selling oer additional products, update customer information or survey customers .
  • Can make calls for getting customer or client feedback which helps increase in sales.
  • Monitor of customer care employee performance by feedbacks from customers.
  • Expansion of business hours to 24 hours X 365 days.
  • Easy handling of callers by directing them to the right department and option to highlight new products, updates or product information etc. while a caller is on hold.
  • Automation of payments and transactions anytime of the day, any day of the week.
  • Monitoring of call progress and transactions through the use of daily call activity reports.
  • Agents can make cold calls, qualify leads or make follow-up calls after a trade show or after a direct mail campaign and announce a special sale or event.


  • Can be very well integrated with CRM/ ERP
  • Soft phone development and integration with CRM/ ERP
  • High Quality Standards with ISO 9001:2008

Value Addition

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Integration with existing database
  • Effective customer relationship management
  • Better utilization of customer care workforce
  • Retention of customers
  • Branding to the client for good customer care
  • Proper response to the customer issues


  • Cost effective – Agent productivity doubles
  • Highly reliable
  • Easily customizable
  • Easily adaptable

Orisys Advantage

Orisys oers a complete, independent consultancy service for design and setting up a new call center facility and to implement across your organization, in turn increase customer satisfaction and deliver higher returns on investment