Apart from corporate social responsibility it is so satisfying to make a direct impact on the society which in turn adds to community development. When we committed to do some prestigious projects like library automation we had convinced that it has inadvertently benefiting millions of people, as the solution is functioning as an online library. The live feedbacks and personal bond with the users exited us, which made us to mull about developing software aid for common man.

Orisysindia have had done many projects in agriculture sector. As a reputed company in developing agricultural applications and softwares. We have inked pact with both private and government clients to develop farming apps and programs.

In association with Department of Agriculture, Government of Kerala, OrisysIndia have recently developed an online portal exclusively for farmers in and around Kerala named The updated version of the website is now used for online agriculture information updating. For farmers and agri-business providers, the website is not less than a boon. It is the first of its kind in the country.

Farming normally falls under old timer jobs. It was not a routine habit for farmers to rely on technologies to update their agriculture tips and timings. The things are not the same anymore; every agriculture information right from seed to sell is at your fingertips now. Log on to and enjoy the handful of convenient services available on the website.

The web application encapsulates every information related to farming under one roof. All the stake holders of agriculture can now log on to the website and utilize the vast opportunity the internet proffers. It is the fastest and most effective way to permeate your farming business globally.

Quires regarding farming can be raised through telephone, sms, e-mail and through social media applications. Every information regarding agriculture especially about organic farming, farming machinery, market and prices will be available in this website. Apprehensions of farmers will be clarified in no time.

The system will also function as an online market for agricultural products, users can buy or sell their products directly through the web application. As well, is a comprehension of weather forecasts, links of agricultural institutions, details of agricultural universities, farm library and a lot more.

This remarkable intervention of technology in farming sector will allure substantial number of youth towards agriculture.

We value your effort, our efforts are to ensure right value for your products.