Mr.Arun Raj R (CEO) Receiving UNCTAD Empretec Certification


Mr.Arun Raj R ( CEO, OrisysIndia Consultancy Services LLP) Receiving UNCTAD Empretec Certification from Honorable IT and Industries principal secretary PH Kurian IAS Sir. The UNCTAD Empretec aims to enhance productive capacity and international competitiveness for the benefit of economic development, poverty eradication and equal participation of developing countries in the world economy. A pioneering United Nations programme in developing entrepreneurship is Empretec from the Spanish for emprendedores (entrepreneurs) and tecnología (technology). Empretec is a mechanism that instills behavioural change into a select group of promising entrepreneurs. It is dedicated to helping promising entrepreneurs put their ideas into action and helping fledgling businesses to grow. The Empretec methodology (developed uniquely at Harvard University) identifies 10 key areas of competencies related to entrepreneurial development. These include: opportunity-seeking and initiative; persistence; fulfilment of commitments; demand for quality and efficiency; calculated risks; goal-setting; information-seeking; systematic planning and monitoring; persuasion and networking; and independence and self-confidence. Associated with these skills are a series of behavioural indicators found to be the most useful for detecting and strengthening entrepreneurial potential. Through behavioural change, Empretec has nurtured almost 150,000 entrepreneurs in 29 developing countries (including six least developed countries (LCDs)), with the help of more than 600 local certified trainers. Empretec is managed by the UNCTAD secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.