Farmer’s Call Centre & Information Hub Launched

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Karshika Vivara Sanketham (Kerala Farmer’s Call Centre & Information Hub) inaugurated by Home Minister K.P. Mohanan. We are delighted to be the technology provider for this project by Kerala Agriculture Department. This project  aims to provide farmers and general public the latest information about agriculture business, make them familiar with best practices happening across the Globe and modern methods of agriculture. This project will help them by addressing their queries and diagnosing the issues at the right time without any delay. This will help them to avoid huge losses and gain more productivity. Redressel of the queries at right time will help to improve their confidence level, with 24 X 7 support from the State Agriculture Department with a single call or sms or email. Also there is provision to farmers, both in the mobile and web application for online selling and buying of the crops. Another objective of this project is to encourage and support pubic, students,households to cultivate of corps in their houses, offices, common place etc. All information and assistance shall be provided thought this network.

How it works?

There is a centralized knowledge dissemination center and which is accessible from 360 degree, round the clock and around the world. Core of the project is a call center which act as the control point and coordinate with all other touch points. General Public / Farmers across any region can interact with this system using Phone Calls, Email, Fax, SMS, Chats, Website and even with Mobile Application. Mobile application is enriched with tutorials of farming and its conservation. We see mobile application will be a powerful tool to empower farmers with updates on day today activities in their local languages. Application is designed in such a way that anybody can use with easiness. It is very simple to use and get regular updates. The mobile and web application do have a platform for online selling and buying of the crops. It will open up a new market for farmers and avoid middle man. The web platform designed to send sms texts, videos and voice broad cast to phone numbers/mobileapplication with an advanced filtering that enables to define right target groups. Project is planned to take up with the support of highly experienced farmers, Experts and researchers